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How to Effectively List a House for Sale in Olympia, WA

Olympia is one of the most sought-after places to live in Washington. Since the turn of the decade, the region has seen a steady influx of people relocating here. In fact, over the past three years, Olympia, WA, has had a population increase of almost 1.6 percent, taking the total number up to 56,510.

Due to this, there has never been a better time to list a house for sale in Olympia, WA. Yet, it's not as simple as posting a half-hearted ad online. You must compete with every real estate agent in the region.

So, to distinguish your property from your rivals, read our guide and use our secrets to selling real estate!

Prepare Your Home in Advance

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." The words of one of the U.S. founding fathers are perfect advice when managing Olympia real estate sales. By ignoring this guidance, you risk fighting an uphill battle from the word go.

Ensure the interior and exterior are immaculate before you list your property. Otherwise, you can deter potential buyers if they notice costly or safety issues. Some of the vital aspects to inspect and double-check are:

  • Front and back yards
  • Roofing
  • Gutters and downpours
  • Siding for mold or water damage
  • Walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Appliances
  • Doors and windows

Professional Photography

2024 is filled with convenience, such as being capable of searching for homes from your sofa. Today, 96 percent of house hunters search for their dream home online. Photography is the simplest yet most effective way to catch a viewer's attention.

Clear and concise photos give the viewer a great first impression of the property. This will ensure they dive into the rest of the advertisement with a positive attitude. Also, your listing will seem more trustworthy, combating the issue of online scammers.

Finally, a professional photographer will portray an accurate image of your space. In return, visitors to the property will know what to expect and won't be left dissatisfied.

Optimize Your Home Listing Writing

Your home listing writing is crucial when listing your house for sale in Olympia, WA. You will increase your SEO score, highlight amenities, and help boost the value of the home.

Keyword research is the key to unlocking success in this competitive industry. Start by adding words you think people will use to search for your home in the Google Keyword Planner. The platform will then give you a list of phases to drop into the listing to increase visibility.

Alongside keywords, you must highlight your property's unique features. Studies show that certain elements can increase your asking price by up to 5.3%. The amenities will also attract buyers who will not assume your house is overpriced.

Competitive Pricing

Washington is the third-most expensive state on the United States mainland to buy a house. The median home value in the region sits at USD 621,000, only behind Texas and California. Although this is the average fee, countless factors will increase your property's worth.

Do your homework on other listings in the area and search previous Olympia real estate sales. You will get an understanding of historical trends and a solid estimate of how much you can sell your house for. But considering the location, the number of bedrooms and size are also critical.

By doing your research and setting a competitive price, you won't overprice your property. Furthermore, you won't miss out on some well-earned cash by underpricing your home.

Host Open Housing

Visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World is much more rewarding than watching a video online. You can experience the real world, the atmosphere, and hidden truths untold in video or photos.

The same applies to those searching for a house for sale in Olympia, WA. People can get a feel for the neighborhood and whether the site lives up to their expectations. That's why almost half of homebuyers in the U.S. use open houses when searching for their dream homes.

One of the best pieces of home staging advice you can receive is to neutralize your home. Declutter the space so people can envision their preferred layouts throughout the house. The excitement inside the home will generate urgency, leading to multiple offers.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Most sellers work alone to try and generate as much profit from a sale. But contrary to popular belief, you can get more cash and reduce unnecessary stress with an agent.

Experts have extensive knowledge of local market trends. This ensures accurate pricing and strategic positioning to attract potential buyers.

Their expertise also comes into play during negotiations, getting you the best deal. Agents provide valuable insights on improving your property's appeal. Some include staging advice and professional photography, which increases its marketability.

Additionally, real estate agents handle the complexities of paperwork, providing a smooth transaction. By leveraging their network, agents promote your property and reach a broader audience.

Highlight Local Amenities

Selling your home is a significant job where you are trying to extract as much as possible from the sale. So, it's not a surprise if you are so concerned about the property, and the neighborhood goes to the back of your mind. Nevertheless, highlighting local amenities will help you connect with a larger audience.

Schools, libraries, parks, and shopping centers will appeal to families. Proximity to public transport, motorways, or new job opportunities will entice working professionals.

Location, location, and location are the most essential elements when dealing with housing. So don't forget to make this a priority.

List a House for Sale in Olympia, WA

You don't need to be a realtor with a decade of knowledge to list a house for sale in Olympia, WA. However, after reading our guide, you will receive insider knowledge from our team with 600 years of experience. From home staging advice to home listing writing, you know everything you need to know to sell your house.

But no matter how much knowledge you have, it's still time-consuming and tiring. So why not hand the hard work to Sotheby's International Realty agents while you enjoy your earnings?

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